Customer Testimonials
FINALLY!!  I hired a company that got the job done right! I'm a very detailed person and notice a lot. I've hired many people to perform different services at homes I've owned in the last twenty years and there has ALWAYS been issues, but not this time! 

Frank (the owner of CONFIDENT HOME, INC.) is also a very detailed person and it certainly showed in his work. I found him to be very meticulous and competent. I highly recommend him and I'm looking foward to using him for subsequent projects.
Ridgefield, CT

“We had a disaster when the boiler failed and spewed steam for 2 weeks until it was discovered.  We needed a complete redo of the house interior including replacement windows.  Heaven sent us Frank Funigiello/Confident Home to do the repairs.  The work was done professionally, timely, neatly and beautifully in a cost efficient manner.  One couldn't ask for a nicer or more trustworthy person to work with than Frank”
Joesph & Lisa
Brewster, NY

“I hired Confident Home, Inc. as a general contractor to remodel my three bathrooms.  Frank ran the project and he was very, very thorough and competent.  He made suggestions that were smart and beneficial and would stop a project until we had a clear understanding and made agreed decisions.  His knowledge was keen, skill level high and detail meticulous.   I highly recommend him.
Brewster, NY

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Why Choose Us? 
1. Customers come first.

2. We do what we say we're going to do, within an agreed timeframe.

3. Your satisfaction is  guaranteed.

4.  We support our community.
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